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APC cut question

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I swear I did a shit load of research but still not find the answer to my question. I'm 28 in non-stretch diesels and am looking for a raw denim close to Timmen cut. Should I go for APC NS in 26 or NC in 27? Or neither pair is close to Timmen cut? I noticed APC NS are a little roomy in the thigh according to the measurements.
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Not New Cure. New Cure is a skinny tapered cut... Timmen is slim straight. I would say you should go with either New Standard or Petite Standard (slimmer, lower rise version of New Standard).
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Should I size down 1 or 2 if I don't like my jeans too tight in general? I found Timmen fits me perfectly whereas thanaz is too roomy in the thigh and waist area for me. Thanks for your input!
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Size down 1. I'm a 28 in all cotton washes for Diesel and my New Cures are a 26... they're nice and slim, on the tighter side. So if you wear your jeans not too slim then I'd say a 27 in Petit Standard should be good I would think
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Thank you sir. Just one more question, which cut would look closer to dior home 19 cm? NS size down 2 or NC/PS in zathan size? According to the measurements @ context NS size down 2 has less room in the thigh area but again they stretch a ton...
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I would guess PS -1 from your Dior 19cm sizing.

Estimations derived from: my 25 black NS fits exactly the same as my 28 17.5 superslenders below the waist (the superslenders are more like 18cms) except the rise is higher and the waist is about an inch smaller, post stretch.

So I would guess a PS, which has a lower rise and bigger waist, sized down 1 would be similar. The NC I hear is too slim below the knee, but I haven't had personal experience with the NC.

Conveniently, I have a PS coming my way, so I will compare with my 19cm Dior coming in and report back. Note that the 19cm is washed, so will fit different from the raws.
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Originally Posted by JuyLe View Post
Agreed, nice one. Try both if you can

APC NS is not like the 21cm but more like the 19.

that's very interesting because a member here actually says NS cut is close to 19 cm if size down properly. I guess apcs can look very different depends on how you size down for even the same cut.

You have a good point but I also wonder which would look more like 19 cm, NS size down 2 or PS size down 1? Anyways thanks for input, definitely let me know how does your PS fit you comparing to your washed 19 cm. Some worn pics would be great!
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That depends on which Dior 19cm cut you are referring to as well. In fact the 19cm comes in two cuts: the MIJ, which are a tapered cut and the MII which are a rather straight cut.

As I didnt like the upper block of the various APC NS I had and hence didnt keep them, I have only minimal experience with comparing APC and Dior cuts. But my guess is that NS and PS can come close to hemmed 19cm MIIs when sized down one or two sizes from your Dior size and NCs would therefore come close to hemmed 19cm MIJ or 17.5cm MII (are there any MIJs?), if sized down properly.
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You mean APCs don't have similar Diors' flattering upper boxy look? Judging from a number of pics I've found I think you are right.
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Yep, I havent tried PS and NC, but the NS were not suitable for my bodytype and I have tried various sizes. It has to do with the shape and placement of the backpockets, me thinks and the ratio of waist-hip-thigh-calves tightness.

PS and NC might be different though, but I think the problem with the backpockets and the hip flare is present with these models as well.
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