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How do Joes Jeans fit?

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In general, do you size up, size down, or stay the same with your size in SFAM, TR, Antik, etc.

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Literally, Joe's is ALL over the place for ALL of their jeans (IMO). You'd have to be more specific and ask in regards to which cut and wash you are looking at.
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Yes, I agree, Joe's sizing is really wierd. Part of the reason I don't like Joe's Jeans as well is their inconsistency in sizing, because it makes it damned near impossible to get things off of ebay and the internet, with any confidence in sizing. Make sure you check the measurements, if it gives them, and find a store that sells them and try them on first.
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I feel like Joe's are all over cut a bit bigger in the thigh....

... Which is probably why NONE of them fit me!

... And which is why I will probably be selling a pair of 24 Rockers soon

When I went to see the Joe's spring line, I asked our rep how this one new wash fit, and she just said "true to size." And then I was like...hm. Hm. Heh!
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I just tried on a few Joe's styles last weekend. Here are my thoughts:

Lover - runs huge (on me) I tried on a 27 in stretch and it was so big in the waist and thigh area. Then I tried a 26, and it was still a little loose. This one is my fav

Socialite - Pretty much TTS, but they stretch out a lot
Socialite rigid - for some reason they run big in the waist area while okay in the thigh. I tried on a 28, which was loose. Then a 27 was still a bit loose in the waist area

Muse - higher rise, fits strange on me, but they run pretty big

Rocker - fits TTS
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I was interested in getting a pair of the Honeys in Harvey (I think it was?) . . . any input on those, anyone?
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In general with my SFAM I wear the same size as I do in Joe's.
Joe's size does depend on the style and I find the honey gives a better fit over all than the socialites.
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i think the socialites are big in the butt/thigh area
the honeys fit better for me at least
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