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So, I've been scanning the forum, seems like there was talk of a re-release of certain trouleg styles, however looks like that fell through. I've been scouring the internet for troulegs and am having no luck, so I was wondering if there were any similar styles that trouleg could be compared to? I like the bootcut, not really a fan of the straight all the way down look.
If anybody has any input, or information, I'd greatly appreciate it. My three pairs of troulegs are starting to look a little too worn in, and I'm getting pretty desperate for a new pair or two.

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What size?
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I just never felt Safado was that similar to Trouleg. They feel so different at the knee and through the calf to me. Safado's were always much looser. Well at least for me.

On a side note, Im surprised this place is still alive. And Cez! Been a while bro! Props for stickin it out this long
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Size 30x34...
Thanks for the links, had already read much of the other trouleg thread, really hope they put some more out there.

In the meantime, looks like I'll have to try out the safado.
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HaHa, what is up Nerv. Long time no see. HF is dead, but at least the Diesel section is up and kicking. We've had an influx of new members posting here so thats positive. Glad we still have a few old timers swinging by to show the noob's they way!
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