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seven label question

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i have questions about whether they are real because it's hard to tell.
they are an style u075019u-061u older cut 96267 white label.half the e in remove is missing. the red label on the waste look like they have 7 on one size and for all mankind on the other and then sewn on and the left edge is cut not sewn on. the pocket label is the same. the for all mankind on one side and 7 sewn inside the pocket. the botttom of the pocket label goes slightly past the stitching and is cut off. have not seen any info. about these details. also they are nyd bootcut. are they suppose to be a certain thickness. they don't seem terribly thick to me. are their any guidlines for the placement of the copper studs on the back and front pockets. should the 7's on the back of the studs inside the jeans be facing a certain way?
thanks for yor help. this one is tricky.
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Do you have any site to take a look at the picture?
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i compared my jeans today to a friend who bought hers from neiman marcus. hers are a newer cut but the main difference i am noticing is the color of the stitching throughout. the neiman ones have gold stitching on the legs outlining the waist and pocket etc.. on mine they are more of a yellow tone.not sure if this has to do with the year it was cut?however their is gold stitching on the top of the pocket and the bottom legs where they are hemmed. on the inner waistband their is a combination of yellow and gold. my friends have blue with specks of gold.
the seven on seven for all mankind that is printed inside the back waistband is offset to the left from the center of the jeans.they are also a darker gold.
it's so hard for me to tell if it's just the difference in cuts or if they aren't authentic. i need some insight from the experts. thanks for your help.
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These look very authentic to me. There are so many different washes and colors of the stitching, are you sure your friend's jeans are the exactly same style? If I were you I wouldn't worry about the authenticity of the jeans - I'm pretty sure your jeans are genuine.

Best regards, Bianca
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they are not the same jeans.thank you for the reassurance.
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