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Nudies Length

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Hi guys,

I recently received a pair of Nudies Regular Ralfs Dry Selvage in 29/34.

My regular length is 30/30-31 but the length is 34..
I know I'm not going to hem them and big cuffs just don't look flattering to me. Will they shrink in length? or should I just go refund and exchange for a 29/32?
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if they have a narrow width hem then let them stack... I like the look of stacks personally. If they're kinda baggy, then go for the hem. They will shrink in length but not much... maybe like .5" or something. If you want to hem before washing, then just leave a little extra to compensate for shrinkage whenever you end up washing them. Or else, you can wash first then hem.
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if you wont hem them, then i'd do an exchange. hemming them 2 inches would pretty much turn it from a bootleg to more of a straight leg. if you prefer straight leg more, i'd consider hemming them. if you like the bootcut, then exchange.

as the above poster said, inseam wont shrink any more than half an inch. and as you know, you dont wanna soak or wash for at least 6 months.
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