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Sling and Stones

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Got my first pair of Sling and Stones Delilah bootcut today. They are fantastic, very understated and great denim. They were to big in the waist, but and thighs so I did the unthinkable, washed them hot and put them in the dryer. Now they fit perceft. A little tight but since the have 5 percent stretch they will be great.
Almost no indigo came out and they are so much more comfortable. Now I will break them in and not wash for a couple of months. I highly recommend these so anybody, and since they are a bootcut, even my boyfriend can pull them off.
Go get a pair.
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I will be selling these after all. If you are interessted please pm me an offer. I paid 270 and since I washed them once won't be able to return these. Would look great on guys also.
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what kind of a guy would wear raw womens bootcut jeans. LOL
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Originally Posted by blindr View Post
what kind of a guy would wear raw womens bootcut jeans. LOL
A rockstar.
Or possibly a guy who actually has taste and doesn't blindly follow the masses and their mostly disgusting trends.
Hope that answered your question.
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By... wearing jeans cut anatomically correct for the opposite gender?
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But HAW I guess, that isn't too much different than wearing skinnies right? Damn, I bet it gets annoying to not be able to tell if someone is a guy or a chick from behind.
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God damn disgusting trends -.-.
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I'm guessing someone goes on /b/
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I also have a pair of the Sling and Stones Delilah boot cut. Well, not exactly. They were for my girlfriend but ended up being too small. We had them chainstitched so now they can't be returned. They are a 29/30. If anyone is interested you can email me at anunnal1@utk.edu or call at 865-256-8791. Oh, and they haven't been washed or worn.

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