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My nightfalls...keep or send back?

Poll Results: What about this Dior nightfall fit?

Poll expired: Oct 23, 2009  
  • 50% (3)
    Fit is nice, keep
  • 0% (0)
    Fit is not so bad, but not nice either
  • 50% (3)
    Fit is bad, send back
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So I've given Dior another shot. But I'm really not sure if this fit is ok, or if it's even intended. So please vote if you think those Nightfalls fit ok or fit bad. Especially the knee area seems much too big for my proportions.

The cloth of this pair is very nice. But how often can you wear a waxed pair like that?

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I simply think those are way too loose for a 17.5cm
a lot of extra fabric overall

I'm not an expert on nightfalls stretch factor, but I'm quite sure they will stretch at least a bit (not that much, they're waxed) and I think it will be enough 'cause they are already big

frankly, generally speaking I don't see any problem for you with diors cut, you just have to go for the correct size...

all IMO and all honestly
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Yeah if those are really 17.5cm Night falls then they are indeed way too loose for you. I would even go as far out to say as those would look a bit loose on you even if they were a 19cm cut. Night falls run pretty skinny compared to most other Diors (besides like... Jakes) so if they fit that loose on you, you're probably off by like 2 sizes from a proper fit. The pants themselves look nice but idk about the fit.

Night falls also do not stretch very much, so you won't have to worry about them getting much bigger but regardless I think you have gotten them too large. What size are those btw?
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it's weird. perhaps the leg width grows with the bigger sizes proportional. I have seen so much skinny 17.5 Diors but not on me.

it's a W33 pair. I could probably close a W32 but I don't think the leg width will get that smaller with sizing down 1.
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from what I see in the pics, you could probably size down two imo... and wait them for stretch that little bit

and yeah, leg sizes grow (and decrease) with waist size

in general:
"What is 17cm, 19cm, 21cm?
These refer to the hem width at a certain size. The 19cm is the taper model, while the 21cm is the straight model. The 17cm is more tapered and slimmer than the 19cm model.
For MIJ at size 32, the hem measures 19cm. Every size up increases the width by .5cm and every size down decreases it by .5cm. Add 2cm for 21cm model, and minus 2cm for the 17cm model.
For MII, add 1cm to the above measurements."
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and yeah, leg sizes grow (and decrease) with waist size
that could probably work for the legs but not for the waist....

but perhaps I would've to try them in a store for direct comparison.
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as far as my (not huge, I have three pairs) experience with diors goes
waist stretch a ton
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I would say size down one
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I'll send the jeans back tomorrow. If anyone's interested in a W33 Diors for about 140 - 150 $ shipped, let me know as soon as possible.
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if they were W31 or W30, I'd instacop...

someone cop those!
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Yeah I was hoping you'd say they were w29 so I could see how much of a difference there was between w28 and w29 lol
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I say you would be fine with one size down, but those were definitely a tad loose.

As far as I can comment on stretching: It seems that the waxed Dior poly-cotton-blends are very stretchy but dont really stretch out with time unlike for example DDG poly-cotton-blends or the regular washed 100% cotton Diors. Waxed Diors keep their shape quite well.
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