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^ sand, what are you..........runing with your camera around Diesel stores in Japan? and that krooley 8A0 is from preview from last december.
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thx for your correction.

this pics was took by mobile phone
 on the DIESEL store in Japan(KAWASAKI) yesterday.

at first, adviser recommend 8AT which she said this comes in SS10(Feb/2010). but i asked other wash... then 8A0...

but this wash(8A0) is not SS10 :
at now i checked ZOZOTOWN, it was on FW09... OMG
sorry my poor knowledge about this item..

she said that DDG of aoyama will close too same
  on GINZA's sub owner said.... 
 i should go same way like as google.cn??
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WTF Safado 8e7 when are u coming out in the U.S.???! There's
zatiny 8e7 but really tired of bootcut & big ass pockets. Anyone know when safado 8e7 is coming out in the US?
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Does anyone know what the sizing is like on Darron 8e7, and are they releasing it in the US?
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^ size down from your normal size for Darron and keep the same size with Safado in 8E7.
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Last saturday i was at Diesel store in Milan and still no safado 8e7.. and also many other SS10 washes were still missing!!!

Just larkee 8i3 were there... and i left there picked safado 8ym and really love them backpockets included!
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^which one did you visit, San Babila or Corso di Porta Ticinese?
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^San Babila. They were offering bananas for free to all visitors... another STUPID event i suppose
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sorry, i've forgot uploading info of viker-8A2(MII) i told here

this is nice for young boy(under 22),IMO..
i'm not great fan of this wash.

compare w/t 8B9

but this wash is similar to 8AT , IMO.

i will... b u y !?

170EUR on online shop of FR.
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