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am ready for my first pair, these are skulls and i love them, however i think they are washed once and since i am new to this, here are a couple of questions.
1. how can i order them directly from the skull website since i do speak german but not japanese.
2. will the denim fade just as much as the raw ones?
3. what to you think about skull?
the other options are the delilah bootcut from sling and stones at self edge, hysteric glamour or possibly prps denim (almost bought the boyfriend ones from nordstroms for $450 last night even though the butt sagged like crazy.
4. i've read different opinions about skull, so please help me find the perfect pair.
i love that those are bell bottoms.
i'm done with "designer" jeansd and am going for the best quality possible, so any hints will help, thanks.