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Keep or return?

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I just received these in the mail: Ksubi Skinny Pins Raw Rinse Indigo sz24 98% cotton / 2% elastane
They fit too small in the waist but I personally like the fit otherwise, they are comfortable though - I can breathe. I'm just concerned about how much this brand of jeans is expected to stretch in the waist. If anyone knows anything about this brand, advice would be appreciated. In general, advice is appreciated as well.
Here are some fit pics (prepare for muffintop-age):

(~not my mess, dorm roommate!)

Sorry about the distracting/poor photos.
These also are about .25-.5 inches too low in the crotch (mainly too tight right now so I can't get it up higher), does this affect it?
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That should be a good fit post stretch. My Naked and Famous I bought only being able to do bottom 2 buttons, they fit perfectly now. My A.P.C were snug and now they fit perfectly.
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Speaking generally, bradl is correct. They will stretch out. While I have zero experience with ksubi, you should be fine. I think bradl made a typo and meant that is a good pre stretch fit.

Wear them to sleep for a few nights and report back
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seriously speaking, I agree with bradl and anthony, I think they will stretch to a more comfortable fit
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Thanks guys! I can see a difference in a tighter fit whenever I can get the waist up to where it should be. Sorry if I'm a pest, but I also ordered some Cheap Mondays in Tight Raw I believe...the fit is okay but unlike my Narrows...and like most Cheap Mondays...the rise is extremely high. I do wear many high-waisted things anyways so I'm wondering if I should just keep it as it is...the fit around the crotch is kind of annoying (a bit loose?) and makes it look like I have a penis though. They just aren't flattering it feels like....I know this is usual with Cheap Mondays. :sigh: I loved my Narrows.
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^yeah they're tight Italian unwash, I have the same pair lol (got them BN for about 30 bucks)

yes, very high rise, but they also stretch (now I can sag them)

depends on how much you payed them
if you got them for cheap, I'd keep
oh and fading is not that nice
( I have to admit I don't beat them really tho)
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Oh well these aren't the Italian unwash, just plain indigo. These fit a lot looser than the Italians I bought - same size but don't fit at all. I got mine for 30 bucks too. Yeah I'm sure with the poor denim quality...but I'm using the ones up there for fades. I beat my last Cheap Mondays up so they faded pretty well. Sweet about the stretching though - I wanna sag these a lot more.
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I think you could do without those cheap mondays, not feelin' the fit.

How are the ksubi's stretching out ?
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Well my hips aren't beet red with dents when I wake up anymore, so they have stretched out considerably there and around the thighs. Not the calves so much though.
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Try wet soaking them- with them on, jump in the shower (cold water!) and run around your house a bit. I promise you they will be okay when you are done
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