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Robin's Jeans

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So I grabbed up a pair of Robin's Jeans Thick Stitch style (kinda like TR or Stitch's) and they are really awesome jeans. I just wanted to share this with everyone. I know they are a bit over the top looking for alot of HF members.
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I also want to mention that AUTHENTIC ROBINS JEANS should have an ink stamp with a "SECURITY CONTROL #" on the reverse side of the inside pocket. Fakes I have seen DO NOT have this. As of right now Robins doesnt have micro but the fakes look really bad. the back label looks really shotty and the denim fading is bad too...the pockets are pilled like most fakes and the denim is junky
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thanks for this!! i wanted to buy some off ebay and i wasn't sure how to authenticate them. so thanks kindly! :D

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