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Nudies Question

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Hey Guys,

I am new to this forum, so please forgive me if my question has already been asked. I scrolled through several pages of history and couldn't find anything useful.

Anyways, I am looking to get a pair of raw Nudie Slim Jims.

I wear a size 31x32 in Diesel Thanaz, and 29 in APC Petit Standard (these were a little small at first, but fit PERFECTLY after stretching). I like my jeans to fit relatively tight, but not too tight; I don't want 'em to look like leggings.

Taking stretching into account, what size do you guys think I should get in the Slim Jims? I'm inclined to say 29...but I'm not sure.

Does anyone who has experience with APC Petit Standards want to weigh in?

If it helps, I estimate my height and weight to be around 6'0, 150lbs. (Tall/Slim).

THANKS!! Any and all help greatly appreciated.

edit: This is the specific pair I am looking at Nudie Jeans Slim Jim Dry Broken Twill
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30 or 31
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But definitely not 29?
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definitely not 29
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Originally Posted by Imhotep View Post
30 or 31
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Word. Thank you.

On a completely random note, do you think the same would hold true for naked & famous weird guy cut? because I heard from somewhere that those were vanity sized...
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They are a bit vanity sized, like for example a size 28 fits more of a size 30. The store Blue in Green actually has all of N&F measurements posted, so definitely check that out ifrst
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Measurements for pre and post stretch as well!
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Thanks Anthony.
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