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TR's softest wash ever

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Tried in a pair of julies in panhandler and the fabric was unbelievebly soft.
Even thogh I don't like the whole ripped thing, I will get a pair of joeys in panhandler next week at the tr seattle store.
What other washes are soft?
My joey discos in dark drifter are very stiff.
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My true religon disco joey's in del mar are lovely and soft!!
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Dark Dusty Road and Chelsey
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My wildcat is soft. My donkey rainbows are the softest. If you like soft denim, go with the rigid ones.
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^I'd agree about the donkey rainbows being surprisingly soft and cuddly, especially considering that they're rigid. I just don't have any other TRs at the moment to compare them with, but yes, they're really comfy.
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My GF has a pair of lighter colored crops that are super thin and VERY soft. They don't even feel like denim but they are.

I will look into the wash.
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^light platinum, maybe? I used to have sammy shorts in that wash. they were super comfy but, alas, I got too fat for them and had to sell them off.
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