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Flathead 3007

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Just gotem in. Very fresh. They are way too loose in the butt area but thats okay. I will grow What do you guys think about them? (Also, please, no hate on the leather chucks)

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too big overall and I think they have too much slack at the bottom.

when you say grow...when do you plan to fit into them? lol
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just seem to big everywhere. also that stacking is really too sloppy imo.
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yeah dave, even if you're growing
I think they're big

keep in account that, yes, you're growing
but they will stretch as well...
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Ahh, very well. I''l just put them away until the next growth spurt I suppose.
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I would just sell them to be honest. How much and how soon do you expect to grow? By the time you maybe fit them properly you'll be on to something else... different style... different fit.
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fit is okay, but the stacking looks like crap, maybe if they settle they will look better.
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