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My 1st Pair

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Ive never bought True Religion Jeans before but have always thought about getting some, Ive been doing a bit of browsing and found afew good deals from a genuine retailer

True Religion-M242011ED at Designer Fashions

True Religion-24859NBT2 at Designer Fashions

I just dont know what pair to go for. I like the dark ones with the heavy white stitching but the Lighter ones look the part in the pictures.

Needing some advice from True Religion followers what are they like in the flesh?
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WOW those are $$$ i hope you don't plan on buying from there
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You think so?
They seem cheaper / about the same price as other places online...
(well with them being in the sale section)
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If it was in US currency those are normal-ish prices but for after conversion, $300 US... no way! check out eBay!
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Thanks for that, I would try E-bay but they are just so many fakes, dont really want to risk it.....and before anyone says, "its only a pair of jeans who cares if they are fake".....
I dont want to be paying like £100+ "just for a pear of jeans" when i could go get cheap ones from Primark or something.
Im paying more becasue I want the real deal.

Im thinking that Im just going to go for them, as that sees to be about norm. for UK prices.
every where else is sitting around the £200 mark.

Thanks forthe advice.

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"its only a pair of jeans who cares if they are fake"....

You will never hear any of us here say that. Promise.
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uhhhhh... what do you think this forum is for?

You can have us check auctions you are looking at...
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