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I realize I might get a biased response asking this in the TR section but how many of you think that TR is no longer churning out the great denim they once were?

It seems interesting to me that almost none of the celebrities in the blog photos are wearing TR jeans. Personally, I am a fan, but I was wondering what YOUR opinions are.
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Most new fads are heavily worn by celebs when released. Since TR has been around for about 5-6 years now it has lost the unique new look. Plus TR is a pretty flashy jean. Celebs and fashion seem to have moved into simple denim without out the logo stitching, pockets and labels.

Did this help?
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Thanks lil cram, that is helpful. I'm looking into the denim market and trying to get a better sense of how these things rise and fall. Do you think a lack of celebrity interest is a bad sign? Or does TR still have a lot of life in it? I'm thinking 1 to 2 years out here.
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They have been around this long so i'm pretty sure they will be around in 2 years.

Seems like Diesel and SFAM will be the only stable PD company in the long run.
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