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stoopid question

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I thought I had read a while ago that the Nakita bootcut was basically Havana w/o the distressing?

is that true? or did I take a toke on that one and imagine it?
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I think you are correct, Nicole ~ I don't have any havanas and I only have a Nakita skirt (so I am not talking from personal experience)!
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I'd say that's pretty true. Also, Nakita is stretch, Havana is rigid.
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I saw some Nakitas in person and at first thought they were Havs.
The wash is similar imo.
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this would be true. imo of course...
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I have both, and though they may be somewhat similar, I would not agree with this characterization stated above.
The wash on the Nakita is really different, and they are much softer and are stretch. I would have to say that Havana is far superior in denim quality and overall look. I DO like Nakita a lot though, I would say they are clearly different and not terribly similar.
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thanks joan!

I forgot about the rigid vs. stretchy also
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I find the Nakita is a lighter weight denim, too. Mine have some mild distressing. Hav's and Nakita's my fave!
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Nordies use to say that they are the same(on the web) I can't find it now, so maybe they are diff? Maybe they are just in the same wash family?
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melanie - lovin' your new avatar
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