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I don't understand...

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People sell these jeans, with close up pics of STITCHED tags, and links to "HonestDave.com" but they're obviously FAKE!!
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=53413228 83
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I think this is some kind of psychology at work. Someone who sells fake merchandise wouldn't add a link to a website that would out them, would they? A lot of innocent people think that way and get ripped off. It is part of the gutsiness needed to sell counterfeit merchandise.
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IMO this seller is really trying a fast one. If you look at the pic of the back side of the jeans, the tag is cut like on authentics. Due to the pic being blurry, it's hard for me to tell if the pocket stitching looks right or not. Either she is showing a pic of authentics to fool people or she is cutting the tag herself to fake people out......

I wonder what she would say if someone was to email her and say 'thanks for advising me to check out honestdave.com, based on what I learned from his site it appears your jeans are FAKE!'
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Why bother sending her an email which will result in absolutely nothing but hostility towards you?

You can shut her auctions down anonymously by reporting her to eBay for listing violations. You are NOT allowed to have live links to other sites in your listing. It's ok on your "Me" page, but not on an auction.
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