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Obviously I am new to raw denim. A fit I like a lot that you may be familiar with is levi's 511. I am 5'10" 127lbs and I wear a 28x30 in the levi's. What fit and size jeans would be similar to these? I want some stacking and I am guessing a 32 length would do good for me? And for anyone that lives in the DFW, Texas area correct me if I am wrong but I think the only jeans available are the nudies that they sell at barneys and Neiman's? I was looking mainly at Nudie and APC. I know everybody and their mom has them but I just like the look of them and they seem like they will fit good. Thanks for the help in advance.
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not sure what to tell you on the sizing (unless you know your true waist size) but the APC NS would be closest to the 511.
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