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eBay seller from the US. I remember that carpet. I bought my Slammer 8EB from him =)
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lol, that is the default color that every home builder in America uses for their floors.
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Originally Posted by blackmetal View Post
copying Dior? with coating technique?
tons of other brands have been making coated jeans for years.
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finally arrived and as promised, pics.

The denim is actually a brownish-black similar to 8dk, but with a glossy wax coating that is smooth yet rubbery and has a nice sheen to it. The waxy coating sort of remind me of melted crayons.

As far as fit is concerned. I did not size down, despite it being a stretch wash and as you can see the fit is quite snug. I can see myself wearing these a lot.

AA tee
thanaz 17f

and more of 17f

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thanks for the pictures. very nice fit on the jeans but someone knows where i can purchase them except ssense which is selling too big sizes.
Ive been looking for those pairs in ebay but unlike your brown diesel badge above the backpockets they were black.

your shoes also look amazing but wondering what brand it might be.
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I kopped mine via proxy for a really good price and it's a good thing I did cause I think 17f is starting to sell out everywhere. Ssense might be one of the last few places that still has them. I would also try yoox sometime they sneak stuff into their sale section.

The shoes are belsize by N.D.C.
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^ Glad you like them.
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Very nice pair of jeans might pick one pair up.
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Yeah, that's a thanaz I could really think of buying...

As always, I don't like ass dragons, but you can barely see them on this wash.
And all other washes without ass dragons, or they are sold out, or I don't like them.
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great pair, really interesting, and great fit too
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I might find a pair in W29
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are these available in L34?
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^ No, fashion pants.!
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The UK still has boat loads of these things...Smallest size, as per usual for uk, is 28W.
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I'd give these a try if I could find these somewhere at decent price. :>
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Bowermania - what you talking about? Diesel stores?

Amentia - what price we talkin about ?
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yet another jean that nobody really cared about until they sell out and now everyone wants to cop a pair...

interesting :O

somebody should get the blue ones from ssense id love to see pics of those!
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Its maybe because people though they were going to look bad and turned out to be really cool I guess.
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anyone copped a pair of these from ebay know if those have the DRR/DRF stamps?
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What's the difference between this and 62B?
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Zodiac, around $200. The cheaper the better. : D
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^ PM'ed you.
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Originally Posted by Madevil View Post
What's the difference between this and 62B?
They come in Thanaz instead of Slammer w/maybe a bit more distressing
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Anyone cop the blue pair yet, also is there a grey/gray pair available?
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cez, have you worn these enough yet? if so, how much have they stretched?

and does anyone know where I can find a pair in w28 for less than what the ebay seller is charging?
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