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Anyone know more about the Heeven 8YM?? What countries have it??
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^ UK !
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The pics of the krooley don't work anymore... I mean the worn pics, could you make em work again? I'm interested in those...

How does krooley fit compared to thanaz? If i have 27/30 in thanaz 73j, which size do i need for krooley? And where can i get krooley 8ym from?

Thank ya!
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I have few pairs of thanaz and have krooley 8ym on the way after trying them on locally. Id say that Krooley are more of a casual jean. They still have a slim leg opening, but sag more around the a*s due to a baggier crotch. The pockets are more like trouser pockets too (which I personally like) so all in all, a more relaxed fit in my opinion. Also, My thanaz range from a 30 to a 32 waist (with the 32s being just a little too big) But I had to get the Krooley in a 32 as they were a tighter round the waist. I know a few people really dont dig them, but I guess its just down to personal opinion.

Hope this helps.
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