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I'm wondering does anyone know outlet-milano.com and bought some items there? They've got some very cheap items, but are the items real? The prices of some items just seem too good to be true (for example the jeans).
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everything in this shop it is a fake !
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absolutely fake, i agree!
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How do you know the stuff on outlet-milano is fake??
I wrote a letter last week to the seller and i asked him about the authenticity of the brans he's selling, wether it's original ore not.
This was his reply on my letter:

Dear Sir,

We guarantee that our items are original, they are in their original packaging, these are items from the factory (production surplus) or end of store's series.
You can make a purchase and you can test authenticity, comparing with another item of same mark or check in points of sales

Our only goal is to fully satisfy our customers

Please could you check it, cause i want to buy D&G shoes from there. It's cheap and it seems to be original.
Only serious reactions pls.
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^are you a guy from this site???

this site is selling clear fakes, stay away
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just a short example of fake GABBANA jeans sold on that website ... lable on the jeans says DOLCE&GABBANA, while the paper tag says D&G ... these are two different production lines and are never used together on authentic clothes ...
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Thanks for your information. Referring to Evil Sushi, i am not the one behind that site. I am just a customer who want's to buy cheap brandclothes. I have seen also on this site clothes of topbrands, but the prices are too high. Alsmost likely in shops ore even higher. That's embarrassing me.
Kuvona: I know the D&G jeans are fake, but the shoes seems to be real and there are also t-shirts of armani look real. Could you please make contact with the one behind this site to ask him for guarentees ore whatsoever
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Armani t-shirts are also fake - they put on display the hologram of authencity ... none of Armani lines (armani collezioni, emporio armani etc) uses holograms to authenticate their clothes. ... sorry the curiousity, why do you think that the Dolce&Gabbana shoes are real if you know the jeans they sell are fake??? ...
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i have noticed that JUST CAVALLI they sell are also fakes ... and VERSACE are fake, too ...
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If an online store has one or two items that you can tell are fake, nine times out of ten the entire website is fake. They will not embed ONE real item amongst those fakes. Clearly they are getting their shit from some child-labor factory.
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JaapTrekhaak, no doubt everything on that site is 100% fake...even the shoes! As mopritt stated, they are not going to mix in authentic merchandise among all those fakes.

Stay away!
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i have buy in www.outlet-milano.com and they have ship my package within 3 days thats nice from italy with track number , the next day i go to the store to check if it is originall or not and the shoe store in amsterdam says to me that the shoes are originall but he say me that he not know why it is so cheap ? But i have write outlet-milano and ask why it is cheap and they tell that they buy big quantitys and on the right place .

Peter from Amsterdam the city i love
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second try chicko or peter2217 or whatever
but your site still sells fakes

if store keeper said they're original it means he' selling fakes too
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