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Please offer me your wisdom

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I live in EU, and if i order R&R from the US there are lots of fees involved so i must get the size right!

Would you be able to tell me whether this brand's sizing is consistent? I am interested in the Colburg and Fearless styles. (mens)

For instance, with Diesel Black Gold i am a 28, with Diesel Thanaz (the skinny fit) a 29, with Marc Jacobs a 30, with D Squared a 28. It's ridiculous!

Could you tell me sizes that you wear in either of the two styles and any other sizes that you think correspond to in Diesel?

Thank you very much.
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Sizing will vary by wash/cut combination not just cut. Ever pair of Colburg in a size 31 isn't going to fit the same. Also, a wash that is true to size in one cut may not be true to size in another. It really does vary. Your best bet is to pick out what washes you want and then go from there or buy solely based on measurements off of eBay.
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