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STT Flynts..

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Is $80 shipped a good price for NWOT STT flynts? Or should I just ruin the BIN and bid on it!! LOL
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I saw those. Ruin the BIN and bid. I think they will go for quite a bit less than that BIN price, especially this time of year. Just MO, though!
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I paid $115 for mine, NWT so I think it's a great deal! I think $80 for any pair of SFAM is a great deal, really! Go for it!
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I say it's a good price if you really want them.
I paid $75 for my used STT crop flynts. I was dying for some though!
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Ok.. I juss bought those..
I really need to stop buying jeans....
This is my last one............. HEHEEHE..
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STT's are so pretty- I am sure you'll love them! ^^^^
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