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apc NS/NC vs levis 501

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Hey i am looking at a new pair of either APC New Standard or New Cure. This will be my second pair of nice denim. My first pair were Levi 1947 501 replicas, raw selvage denim that were part of the big E line. I am pretty sure most are familar with the 501 fit.

My question is are the New Standards a very similar fit to the 501's? I am looking for something a little slimmer but i believe the New Cures may be too slim. I am not trying to get a 2nd pair of dry/raw denim that look the same as my others. Looking for something that is not skin tight but something form fitting that will give me nice honey combs and fading. Which I read APC's tend to have a good fade.

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even the NS are much slimmer than the 501's. You should just get some NS's sized down 2
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id say size down one from ur levis size cause thats pretty tts compared to all the other brands people are sizing down 2 for
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Umm... 501s are shrink to fits that youre supposed to size up one, while NS stretch ~2 sizes on top of the tagged size/actual size difference... where the hell are you guys getting your #s from?

@salisbury: They are different cuts. 501s are a classic vintage fit with a higher rise and a more relaxed fir while the NS are lower rise with slimmer legs.. they arent leggings though so I think you'll like them. However, if you want that vintage fit I would look into some japanese denim (a lot better quality as well). Look at brands like The Flat Head, Iron Heart, Skull Jeans, or Samurai Jeans to name a few. Check out superfuture for more info/pics/etc on this kind of stuff.
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