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Auth/Style check

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I bought these jeans last week and am thinking (hoping) that they're authentic, but I've never seen this style before. 5-pocket styling in front, motorcycle-ish patch pockets in back. Wash is NYD, I think. The "waviness" in the pic is from my camera, the wash is immaculate. There are no size/style tags, only the inner white care tag. This all leads me to believe that they're a sample, but from which season I have no clue. Further supporting this evidence is the "damaged" stamp. I don't think that counterfeit rings keep a big DAMAGED stamp around just in case. The damage. btw, is a tiny snip in the inner crotch seam.

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those are real
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Thanks for the speedy response! Do you have any idea what style they are?
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those are definitely samples, given that paper tag. wash is maybe melbourne? (I am actually kinda bad with the newer washes)

ETA: how in the hell does 7FAM call those straight leg? those look like dojos to me
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Yeah, I was pretty sure that they're samples, but I have no clue about new styles and washes!

The knees are 16" and the leg opening is 17". Maybe the camera angle is what makes them look so wide. I wish they were dojos--those actually flatter my "athletic" legs
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