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Auth check please!

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Is the R too low???
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Those are fake IMO. Wait for someone else to confirm. You can always put all your checks in one post.
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I can post more pics if necessary. Thx!
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It's the stitching on these that I don't like. And the R looks funny but I'm wrong sometimes. What's the cut/wash code?
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Cut #000719. There's another number underneath that that says RN1101013 CA 19371.
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It should say in letters the cut.wash code.
By cut I meant fit/style. sorry
Like Floyd, Kasandra.. ect..
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Here's a closeup...
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Oh I get confused when it gets late. Someone should be on shorty.
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It should be a Kurt, that's what I've been wanting. My other R&Rs say Roth on the tag. These don't say.
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They don't say? All authentic tags will say.
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That's kind of what I was thinking. I just read an e-bay article about how to spot a fake, and I must say, if these are fakes, they're good ones. Two things got me though. The shiny buttons and the tag didn't say the style.

BTW, thanks a lot for your insight. I'm a new designer jeans addict, I'm learning.
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Those are fake and quite honestly they aren't even good ones.

Also, not all tags say what the cut is. I have a pair of CBGB/Colburg that don't list the cut name
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Oh wow, thanks! All of mine say.. maybe it's a male/female thing
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This one pair was actually the first time I've ever seen it and I haven't seen any others. I figure if there is at least one pair that doesn't list the cut then there's a chance there are others.

It could also be related to the name change from CBGB to Colburg though. The pair I have was an 07 release which may have been around the time they changed the name of the cut but I don't remember
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