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I will be getting married this March in lovely St. Lucia with a private beach ceremony. My bride will be wearing a somewhat traditional wedding gown (no train) that I have not seen. I've been slowly piecing together my ensemble, and while the maid of honor is serving as my fashion consultant, I thought I'd elicit opinions here too.

I have (so far):

-A dark navy Burberry blazer (three button style, buttons are gold). I was in the market for a nice blazer anyway, and killed two birds with one stone here. I've had it tailored, so it fits like a glove. It is wool, so it will be hot.

-A pair of non-pleated Calvin Klein khakis, stone colored (eggshell white, IMO), $25 from TJ Maxx. The consultant has given the thumbs up, and they fit and look fine. I got them with the dim hope of saving some money if they work, and it appears they do.

I don't have:

-Sandals. The bride to be ruled out my Tevas immediately, but I figure I'll just get a pair of low profile leather flip flops. I have been warned that it will not be possible to go barefoot on that hot sand. What colors am I limited to with such a light colored pair of pants?

-Shirt. I have several slim Brooks Brothers dress shirts that will work here- white, pastel blue, pastel yellow, med. gray, deep blue, and a few others. I, however, want to try to pull off the JFK look and go with a short sleeved polo shirt. I typically don't wear RL, but he seems to have the best selection of colors- I'm thinking a deep royal blue, or maybe the lighter Aerial Blue.

Let me know what you think. Don't worry, I don't turn my collar up like that d-bag.