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Fit of R&R Stellas?

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I want to buy a pair of R&R stellas in bender soiree with the crystal and leather "ROCK" logos on the back.

however, i only own one pair of kassandras and i know kassandras fit one size big. (i.e if you are a natural 26, in a kassandra - you would need a size smaller (size 25)

what is the fit of stellas in general?

thank u so much in advice. i'm hoping for some quick responses. because i hope these jeans don't sell out =(
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it's a straight leg
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Kassandra's don't typically fit one size big. It's just the wash you have. Most Kassandras fit tighter in the thighs but a little looser in the waist but the fit always depends on the wash. As far as the Bender Soiree fit, can't help, sorry. I just usually go with my TTS then alter whatever to fit.
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ohh okay thanks.

yeah another member from another forum just told me alpha blues in kassandras fit one size big. i guess since that's the only pair i own, i just assumed all kassandras were like that.

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Yeah It all depends. My Kassandra Varnish Fumes fit about 1/2 a size small Wish I could help with the Bender Soirees but I've never tried them on
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