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Can anyone ID these for me?

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I love these jeans, but have no idea what style or model they are. I'm honestly not even sure if they're men's or women's

Anyone care to assist. Thanks in advance!
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Women's Kravitz in vapor.
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Also, if those are a 29 or 30, I would love the link to them since I've given up my search for real vapor skynards :rofl
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Ah, these are actually a 31"

They're a beautiful fit and wash, they just didn't fit me properly. You wouldn't be interested in them since they're too big?
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ohhh I see, they're yours then, not some auction you found. Nah, a 31 would be too big. I would hope they didn't fit you properly :rofl if they were even a size smaller I'd take them and crystallize them!
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Looking at your post history you seem to always post about mens jeans. You are aware that this is a womens pair right? It was already mentioned before but I'm just wondering if you knew at the time of purchase or not. That would explain why they don't fit you properly
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^It's totally conceivable that he wasn't aware of their being women's jeans. If you know a lot about older R&R, you could have seen by the wash (Vapor, which is only used on women's pairs) and the small sewn-on back label that they were women's (to my knowledge that label was never used on mens) but most people don't know what the Kravitz cut is. I just like random old school styles
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