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Auth check and wash please.

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Hi ladies, one of my guy friends asked me to sell these for him. He insists the were bought at a boutique and I have no reason to doubt him, BUT if I'm going to sell them I want to be sure they are authentic.
Oh and I have no idea what the wash is so please . .. enlighten me with your opinions!
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They are real.

A Pocket NYD = New York Dark

If they are button fly they are relaxed if they are zipper fly they are bootcut.

They also look hemmed, if so make sure to state that in the description.
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Thanks so much, your the best!
One more question, the inseam is 34" and looks brand new- do you think they've been altered? I think its just the wierd angle I hung them and photod them from.? ?. . .
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def the angle.. you're good to go
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Real and they don't look hemmed to me
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