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Rue La La sale today

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In case anyone wasn't aware, there's a Rue La La sale for R&R today (women & Men). The last sale was pretty much just straight to discount pairs for men, the womens selection was a lot nicer.

Rue La La - Home
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^Devin...I doubt you purchased anything since they were all pretty much STDs. I did pick up a pair of Stella in Heartbreaker Everything else was so blah.
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Nope. I thought about getting the Neil Deception Pass but I really don't like the Neil cut so I decided not to.

Oh well I guess....
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Another fail for the sample sales.

I am VERY excited for the NM Last Call here in Atlanta to get all of the runover merchandise when the sale ends at the NM regular store... they've got a TON of stuff left.
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You might have to send me a pair from the the NM last call!
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OR, you can carry your ass up here and we'll have a SHOPPING DAY!

I want to get Megan some more Chanel stuff. She's IN LOVE with Chanel...

of course she chooses THE most expensive brand like EVER.
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Well hell, I'd be in love with it if I could afford it! Somehow Wild Adventures just doesn't pay enough....

I'm flying into Atlanta on the 23rd... Buttt... Mom'll be with me and she doesn't really get the denim thing..
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