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Six new pairs and my 7FAM MOST WANTED!!! Pics :)

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I seem to be raking in the 7FAMs lately. And I'm liking it

Ibiza Super Flares, BCN Slouchy Crops, MNXE Shorts, STT sigs, Tahiti Edie High Waist Shorts, LTM Gingers, and MONTE CARLO SILVER FOIL A'S!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ibiza Super Flares. 29. Super comfy! And I had to show off the shoes- my birthday present to myself

I wore my black heels- too short.

The pink heels work perfectly

BCN Slouchy Crops. 29. A bit big and REALLY big in the waist and they stretch with wear. Probably could've done a 28. I like them all the same, though.
I started to get bored with the pics

Bored again (the best part is pulling out all my jeans and just staring at them )

MNXE shorts. 30 and fit. I heard they ran huge so I either have a freak pair of someone dried (on super hot) the heck out of these. Someone chopped them so I rolled them into shorts. They look tighter than they are.

STT Sigs, 29. blurry but just showing why I can't do a 31" inseam. I heard they ran about 1/2 a size small. These fit snugly, but a comfortable snug. Wish I had them an inch or two longer so I wouldn't have to cut them!

TAH Edie shorts. I'm glad I got a 30. My first 7FAM shorts and I love them! I like the higher rise- no worring about anything peeking out the back :blink

They look odd from the back- I think it's the way I was standing

My attempt at a mirror butt shot.

LTM Gingers. 29. My mother's birthday present to me. I've been wanting something in Mercer since I first saw 7FAM. I love these! :excited
The light's a little off because it's nighttime outside and there is a huge window next to me. It's usually not this dark in the pictures.

My Foil A's!! 29. Bought them in the mall from jeaniac. I've been wanting them forever!! :excited:woohoo:love any other emoticons I can use? haha

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someone got into SFAM HARD!!!

is that why you have been chillin at AF ? lol
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It's just lonely over here! haha This place is still my home but there is hardly anyone here
I have about fourteen pairs now and I've been getting them for what, three months now? Sheesh, my poor bank account!
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I hear ya sista.

Congrats on the collection.
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Maureen, you look stunning in every single pair!! And I'm jealous that you can wear such high heels, they are hot!
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You look gorgeous in the LTM Gingers they are just beautiful on you. The Foil A's are my second favorite. I think I love the pink shoes the best. Thanks for sharing.
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All look great and yeh I love the pink shoes too
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You have great taste! They are all so cute!!!
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i want foil as!
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^ You need them, they are SO amazing!!
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Originally Posted by myshel_1 View Post
i want foil as!
I have one but only in size 28 NWT
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all look great
Mercer is one of my favorite 7FAM washes so versatile!
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