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I want to do some fading in one of the pockets of my jeans and I want to do a design but I can't find an object of it. If I make it myself, maybe out of cardboard or something similar will it still give me a fade? I'm thinking that it will still work because wallets are pretty soft but they can still give good fades I just want to confirm. Thanks.
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Don't do cardboard. IMO if it's not something you need to carry around with you, it shouldn't be there.
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Well that's your opinion and that's a valid one but I want to put a specific fade in my jeans and I should be allowed to do that because I want to even if some people see it as "unnatural." So what I am asking is if I put a cutout made of cardboard will it make a good fade?
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If your pants are tight enough anything will fade. If its not that tight on you, you might want to add some thickness to it.
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