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Nom de Guerre denim

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I'm looking for these


NDG Narrow fit selvedge. But it's sold out in my size... Where to cop? I like the fit.
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D: Sorry can't tell you where its available. But man, I don't see whats attractive about baggy fits?! I mean, you could hide like 10 babies in there
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^ To each their own!

That picture in particular is not very flattering, but more relaxed fits (that's not even that baggy tbh... or it's not meant to be) can look really good if done correctly. That picture, IMO, is just a poor implementation.

As for the jeans... how bout here?



Or here if you're a 36: Nom De Guerre Grey Selvage Jeans

Or here: Progressive Fashion At Your Fingertips - Hard to Find & Emerging Designers - Shop - Mens - Denim - Mens - Nom De Guerrenarrow Fit Selvedge

Edit 2:

I just noticed you linked to Acrimony already but said they were sold out in your size. What's your size? That might help when asking for others to help find you a place that has them for sale. Telling us they're "out of your size" does absolutely nothing, lol
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Sorry man, meant to say I'm lookin for a 30 or 31.
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Cool, thanks for finding the 30.
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Make sure you post fit pics if you get them, im interested I didn't mean to hate on them!
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