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Reccomend me some raws please? :)

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I really like the fit of dior 17.5cm's, but something about the price tag is not my style . My price cap is approximately 200 usd (which leaves me out of dior range by a few hundred). Are there any raws that would fit somewhat like 17.5cm's? Here is the exact the fit I'm looking for:

by very cool hf user: sh0ebox That is honestly the perfect fit imo.

Thanks alot guys!

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention: I do wear a size 26 in diesel, so that usually makes it harder to find tight, well fitting jawns.
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You could pick up dior used for around $200
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Yea, that would be pretty awesome but the only place where I can find sz 26 Diors is from the stores (new).
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Have you ever tried Diors on? If you haven't, I'd recommend it if possible. You might be lucky enough to be able to wear a 27 in Dior. I know a couple of old HF members wore 26 in Diesel but 27 in Diors.

I wear 27 or 28 in Diesel (depending on if it's a stretch or 100% cotton wash) and wear 28 in Diors (so far, this applies for MII washed 19 and 17.5cm and MIJ raw 19cm -- although I think I'm kind of in between 27 and 28 for this one)

If you can wear a 27... you might be able to find some good deals on Diors in that size... though they're kind of hard to come by still.

Otherwise... you could check out APC New Cure. I find that these fit fairly similarly to Dior 17.5cm, except the thighs are a bit baggier and therefore the taper on APC is more prominent. Dior 17.5cm is so slim from thigh to hem that there's virtually no taper visible when you lay the pants flat.

Here are a couple pictures of me wearing APC New Cures in size 26, so you can see if this is close enough to what you'd like in a fit for like 1/3 the price.

Keep in mind that these are raw denim so they're not as soft. APCs are very stiff/rigid and take a while to break in, but the fit is pretty good. These are mine after about 5 months or so of wear (probably 3-4 days a week). They've got some serious knee bulges... but that's a trait of APC raw denim. They stretch... a LOT
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I don't really like the fit on the nc's. Mabye if they were sized down. I really like the tightness of the thighs and seat of the 17.5's, thats what really attracted me in the first place. I think I'm just going to save up and order a new 26 in 17.5cm from the nearest store (4 states away)
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Yeah... if you don't like the fact that the NC are a bit looser in the thighs and seat then there's not much you can do about that. There is definitely no way I could size down any more on those, as the waist is already pretty constricting as it is (I had to do a wet stretch of the waist band in order to get it to fit better... and they could probably stand to be wet stretched yet again).
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No problem I'm sure I will enjoy the dior logo on my ass as well lol.
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I just remembered....

Have you ever tried April77? They are known for their (extra) skinny jeans. Most of their jeans are unisex, so the sizes will run all the way down to like... 24. However, they tend to run pretty small, so you most likely won't need anything smaller than like 26 or 27.

I haven't had any personal experience with them, but I've got a friend who has a pair of grey Joey Overdrives and they fit/look pretty nice. Also, Anthony, the mod of this section, has several pairs of April77s and he pulls them off very well.

Something worth checking out, as they're also pretty cheap (in the $100-$150 range)... can also be had for MUCH cheaper [read: half price] used or on sale.

If you don't like the guitar pick holder on the coin pocket or the patch on the back right pocket... that's an easy fix that would probably only cost a few bucks at your local tailor.

EDIT: I have to add, though. Because their raw jeans are pretty stretchy, they aren't known for their fading potential. As a matter of fact, I hear they're quite hard to fade. And even after they DO fade, the results aren't worth the effort. So if you don't mind just getting a nice dark pair of denim that you can keep dark for a while... or just want some black or grey or some other colored denim, they're worth checking out for sure if you want that very skinny silhouette
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Perfect man! That's exactly what I was going for! Black stretchy jeans. Do you know where I could pick some up? I tried ssense but 28 was the smallest size. (Also, I have tried googling )

Thanks tons man!
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NC is one of my fav cuts, I wish I could have found them for a good price. The best fit, for the price.
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How do you think these would look? Are they uni-sex?

APRIL 77 Joey Thunder in Gray Fight at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping!

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I don't see anything saying its uni-sex.
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Originally Posted by Evil Sushi View Post
Much love evil sushi!

Thanks Alot!
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you're welcome mang
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That site has some solid prices.

RoyalCheese | Bluecheese | RoyalCheese Deluxe
If only I had money on my Visa, those would be mine.

Edit:NVM wack sizing.
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Lol, yea, quite small. Tbh I'm not really a fan of shinny pants haha.
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btw, the more I look at this diors, the more I love them

and I really dig the jeans/sneaks combo too
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^^ I know, I felt the same way lol, everytime I looked at that pic. I thought of what I could sell to get the cash for a pair of my own hahaha.
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Umm, sorry to be grave digging but, what is the sizing on the Aprill 77 raws? Same as normal diesel size I suppose?
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Originally Posted by dzondlo View Post
Umm, sorry to be grave digging but, what is the sizing on the Aprill 77 raws? Same as normal diesel size I suppose?

PM Anthony(Dry Denim MOD) I know he has 3 pairs of A77's
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Excellente, i just sent him a pm. Thanks flipcy
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FYI: his user name is best read as flipsy daisy
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Ah very well, I will take note.
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