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Recommend me a new pair

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Alright this summer, I'm starting a new project cause my xx-05's are hitting the two year mark. So what I'm looking for is

- 16+ ounces
- 35+ inseam
- No super tight thighs or something
- Decent fit (no sugar cane)
- Optional : slubbiness :]
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flat head 1001
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I gotta go with Jason on this one, i was gunna recommend the FH 3001 but it's only 14.5 ounces.
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Flat Head is my favorite. Their denim is awesome and so are their fits. I have FH bsp and also FH 310. The ONLY gripe I have with FH is that the 310 has a zip...The 1001 is the same slim-fitting straight cut but with button fly and slightly heavier denim.
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