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auth check please

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Could this be possible: the printing of the style number & cut# has gone wrong and is too high...
Can these be real and that it's some factury-default on them?
Or does this yell's fake?

Thanks for the help!
greetz from Belgium

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Sorry, it seems the pic I posted is very tiny too see correct, this is the link for the pic on imageshack, that's more clear pic.

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They're real This happens from time to time, nothing to worry about!
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I really thought they were fake because of that off-printing of the numbers.
Very happy they are real because I love to buy them.

thank u!
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Hello, me again, can I please also ask about another one.
It's from the same seller as the black one.

link to imageshack, clearer picture:
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Those are real too
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Waaw... this must really be my lucky day !!!

Thanks a million for the help!!
I'm buying them both!!

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