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heh, was just talking to Rehan about how I want to try to keep improving DB / HM and HF,

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OK, I mentioned to Dave I would say some things/ideas in public instead of via pm so here goes. the following are my thoughts

Problems with punishment

#1 Members were dealt with/punished very inconsistently. Some would do a particular act and be banned right away, others were allowed to keep it up for quite some time before being let go.

#2 Infractions don't do anything.Pardon me for saying but no one gives a shit if they are given a written warning, when they need like 90 infractions over a year to be banned. It doesn't work

#3 We should only ban when its way way over the top. We need to let people argue when they need to argue, and only intervene when it gets very out of hand. Its the internet, if people aren't given freedom of speech ( to a point) they will leave and go somewhere else.

A perfect example is Sufu. They have the same anti homophobic race rules as here and guess what, the members follow the rules. And they very rarely ever have to ban anyone.

Everyone talks about how harsh they are but I dont see it. Yes they are militant about fashion, but if you cant take the negative as well as the positive when you post pics then get off the internet. It seems to me like some of the biggest complainers are the ones who react harshly anytime someone doesn't like an outfit they wear. DEAL WITH IT

The comments/general consensus will almost always make you dress better, so swallow your pride and listen

Banned members should all be allowed back under an amnesty, and a rule re-write with clear and concise rules should be posted. Bannings should only happen in extreme situations

Problems with sections/layout

We lost our old niche, its time to move on. Those that want a more generic entry level fashion forum have all moved on to other places, we need to do more revamping

I still believe a rework to make sections based on rough price ect be done. ie. Entry level, Mid Range, High end
From there sub groupings can be included in the sections under their own headings. I think we need to be put into groups less, anmd allow people to talk about whatever happens to be current at the moment. The more we force people into groups, the more we will always be behind.

When we let people decide what is to be talked about and in what area, its a win/win, people wont feel the need to conform to whatever brand headings are listed

Get rid of specific brands and make them fall more into rough price point categories. I dont beleive we need specific mods for specific brands, just have a group of mall mods, a group of section mods and have them offer advice on what they know

I still think an "enter at your own risk" section would have deflected almost all of the banning that happened before. if you dont want to read it then dont go in. Same anti homophobic racist stuff still applies

This place needs to be amorphous, and change as tastes change. That way this place will never be behind the curve

The Mall

Either change the mall back, or allow smaller lines/ more items per page.

Get rid of the " I know this is authentic" question. Its stupid and everyone here knows it. Peopel will just lie, and any fakes that have ever been listed have been caught by members here and reported

The Ownership

Past aside Dave,( and with all due respect) you cant be poking in and out like you do. It gives people the assumption you don't give a shit about anything but the bottom dollar, and only pop in for a few lame words and the dissapear when confronted with complaints.

Find a manager and let them have their way. The members are what made this place great, and when they left so did all of what made this place run.

Asking the members how they think this place should change and then not listening to them ( like 3 times) is insulting, and builds so much hatred that people leave not only with ill will, but the intent to burn the place to the ground.

And they have succeeded, this place has been dead for a long time. The only chance you have is a complete re-invention and then to step back.

Having this as a business venture is fine and well, but you need to hire someone who gives a damn about fashion to run the place in your stead. Your name carries far too much anger and frustration, and it would go a long way if you stepped back and got someone who looked at fashion as more of a pastime and love instead of primarily money generating property

I think the old members have gone for good, they only come back to watch the distruction and see if any of the ashes are still burning. But to get new members ( and keep them) a complete overhaul of everything is needed
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thats too much money for dave to fix.... apparently.
the mall still says 'new' for chirst sakes...

i feel like hf is a time capsule ever since it died, because everything is still the same every single time i come here.

i think planet2006's post was.. well, perfect.
i feel like hf is daves horse with a bad leg... just put it out of its misery and move on.
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Thank you very much for putting all that down on paper. I greatly appreciate it.
You really hit the nail on the head on a number of points.

You are right when you say;

Find a manager and let them have their way. The members are what made this place great, and when they left so did all of what made this place run.
So what we need first is a manager who sees "fashion as more of a pastime and love"

This manager can help focus on the rules and community guidelines and can set better standards for punishment and what is considered over the line.

I am interested to hear how your idea about the different sections/layout would actually look on the page. Would you like to see $100 / $200/ and $300+ sections?

Additionally, we can add lots more items per page in the mall if you would like. The rationale behind the number currently is so that the page doesn't take too long to load.

I would love to hear some more feedback about these points that Cutup has brought up.
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^^ Dave, if you need any php/mysql/css/xhtml/html help on the mall or on the forum (coding wise), just PM or instant message me at dzondlo@gmail.com (Aim and msn). I have been coding for 5 or 6 years now and would love to help

But to the question, my summer is going pretty good I'm in FL (in the us) and its currently about 80-90f outside. I'v been going to the beach and hanging out with friends almost every night haha, Very fun.

Also, I don't understand... Why should one manager run the forum? Why would you want to empower a manager who I believe would carry the forum on then again, pop in and out because of real life problems / busyness. Why not have one or two very trustworthy mods for each section? And not have the forum leaning up against one person.

I think we should hold an IRC chat meeting where we could review a new set of rules, ect. with every one on the forum who thinks it is important enough to come. (Tho, this would be very difficult to organize).

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