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New leather jacket, the LAGOCIA

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I will have to obtain this jacket. Not right away of course; still picking off the sell items.


I know binaryfi will be spying on the new leather jackets as well.
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i dont like it but thats a decent price for alot of leather.. its weird its in the womens section
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lol fugly.. Aged effect ? ahhahaha...
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I’ve wanted a button up leather jacket for a while. I will have to see it in person to make the finale decision.

It does not look green; more of a grey hue to me. It could be my monitor is not representing true color.
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It's ugly. The 70s-inspired cut and detailing is nasty. You're best looking elsewhere for this kind of jacket.

Diesel always makes a few good leathers each season, but this aint one of 'em.
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Laderry is the best.
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The color is cool...reminds me of my Luppy charcoal grey jacket. Don't care for the styling and fit though.
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Maybe I need to buy a pair of glasses instead; or I have terrible taste; or I’m just a Diesel Homer.

All of the above is accurate.

I would sleep in my diesel leather, but I then I could not feel my leather sheets.
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Definitely a dated look, its not cut well. Its almost a hybrid of a poorly cut 70s jacket and a blazer

This on the other hand Diesel Least Washed Black Leather Jacket - ssense.com is nice and on sale

The larger front pockets grew on me after a while, and its very nicely cut
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yes teh least jacket is nice but only in white or dark black
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Dang, Least looks really nice in Gray. Would instacop if I was poopin money - I don't have any gray leathers.
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With folded collar and zipper this jacket would be much better. Then it would look more like this S.W.O.R.D leather jacket:

S.W.O.R.D. Como 4 Zip Pocket Jacket at Tobi

Btw, the folded hood in neckline is anoying. You have the feeling like theres pressure on neck. I removed the hood wiht scissors from my Jiorj leather jacket. Now the collar folds nicely and jacket fits and feels better.
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I believe the Least is the new version of the Luppy which came out a few seasons back. Mine looks pretty much like the one that CUTUP linked to at SSense.

I had my eye on those grey S.W.O.R.D leather jackets a while back, but probably won't cop one unless it goes on sale. I have the black version of the Brandisi jacket (in grey at Revolve) which fits very nicely and has excellent quality leather.
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wow... I actually kinda like the Lagocia....
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