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april 7 7

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where can i get these?
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Ever heard of google?
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yeah and I didnt get many choices you head of dick.
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you can check ssense, too

but first of all man
don't get flamed so easily

bradl's answer wasn't the best answer, I know
but insulting another member isn't a good introduction on a forum
no hate
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I don't need nooo introduction homie.
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and obviously i checked those. Didnt really like what I found.
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Go to Barney's, homie.
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Check out ASOS, I don't know if the sale is still on, but they had dirt chepa A77s, I picked up the black and grey raws a while back.
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For selection, there is Royal Cheese, or something like that
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yoox home dawg
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This shop has the Dictators in Overdrive and Black. There's a 70% off sale going on but I dont think the Aprils are part of it.
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Originally Posted by murderinthecity View Post
I don't need nooo introduction homie.

Ok which previously banned member might you be???

I am going to take a wild guess and say Brett.
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Good guess!

Proof was the skintight Thanaz 72L WDAYWT.
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