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Scotch and soda please!

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so I found these scotch and soda shorts that are awesome. Heres the link.

I really like this style of shorts, any recommendations on where else I could get something similar for less? 130 for shorts is doable but…I could buy some jeans for that amount! Basically im looking for some slim fitting shorts that have that adjustable style bottom like SandS's do. Thanks guys!
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very narrow making them look like manpris IMO.

I have seen S&S at discount stores over the past year so i would do some research/looking around before the $130 investment.
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Brack Zaff, those are nice; if you have the body for it.

Shorts should fit tight around the legs, but slightly loose is alright. Baggy is for Punk Ass skinny kids that don’t know any better.

You might find these to your likings. These are the way I wear mine.

Military Green Only

http://www.yoox.com/item.asp?sec=1&YOOX=C'N'C'+COSTUME+NATIONAL&dept=f ocusonbrandman&tskay=3FD17CD7&rr=1&cod10=36133559R S&sts=sr_focusonbrandman80

http://www.yoox.com/item.asp?sec=1&YOOX=C'N'C'+COSTUME+NATIONAL&dept=f ocusonbrandman&tskay=3FD17CD7&rr=1&cod10=36133537P F&sts=sr_focusonbrandman80
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^ the military green ones are dope!
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thanks etgreg, those are pretty awesome. I can't really find anything similar at the moment. sucky.
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Both are sick, but 2nd look like capris to me. I don't think I could pay 110 usd for a pair of shorts though.
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