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R&R at Hautelook

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Ive just been told that Hautelook are having an R&R sale on Monday (1st) for men and women!!
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But I'm running out of monies!!!! LOL
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Lets hope it isn't just a bunch of straight to discount pairs like last time
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I also may be worth noting that the preview video and images only show straight to discount pairs. I know those previews don't always show what they will be selling, but considering what they sold last time I'm inclined to believe that is what they will be selling.

Hautelook is also a little different than other sample sale websites. They don't sell stock on hand. After each sale, they place an order for the merchandise that was purchased by their customers and then ship out the products when they arrive at HL (which is why shipping takes so long). It's my guess that they only sell what they are able to order so I won't be getting my hopes up.
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Im not buying any either way. Saks sale starts on the same day and I will be spending WAY too much money there!
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I'm not holding my breath either...I should be on a ban anyway...have bought waayyy to much lately...lol. Thanks for the heads up Lorna...I'll take a peek anyway
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Sale is LAME!
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^ Agreed! All STDs
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Checking it out now...
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Darn, a couple of the bags are very nice! But of course they are already sold out.
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I liked some of the pants and tops, but I couldn't bring myself to spend that type of money on them. Oh well, I guess none of us were really surprised that they were all going to be STDs.
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Can anyone confirm that this site is legit? The last two pairs of R&R I purchased from them were a little suspect. The last pair which was a pair of the Crystal R's didn't have the authenticity tag on the inside. Other than that, the wash and the back pocket logos themselves looked ok. I'll post up pictures shortly.
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Not all R&R has that little tag. Everything from hautelook is legit.
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how can i look at the jeans without signing up
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You can't.
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Originally Posted by chilldude View Post
how can i look at the jeans without signing up
This is also a really old thread....
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hellz to the yeah it is... and thus it dies again.... poor HF : ( we tried : )
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