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Opinions on new specs

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Honest opnions on these.

too big, too fem?

here is a link to see a stock photo.

2239S YSL Discounted Sun Glasses - Yves Saint Laurent Sunglasses 2239S
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lilcram, I’m not to hip on the way they sit on the models face. I would not buy a pair of sunglasses if I could not try them on.

Metal Frames are not very forgivable. What type of optics do they possess?


Chic and classy is what this Yves St Laurent 2239S is. This pair is made with metal frame that you can purchase at huge discounts. It is guaranteed durable and very comfortable to wear.

I’m not a big fan of designer sunglasses; most have very poor optics and do nothing for your vision; technology is not in their design. You could do better for a lot less. Check these out and read their description.

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lol thats a pic of me wearing them : i bought them and got a REALLY good deal on them.
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Def to big for your face. Maybe better pictures willl suffice though.
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depends on how you feel about andrew dice clay
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personally i find him to be "very" cool
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lilcram, now this proves you are a model! Ultimately you are the finally judge.
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They look really good on you but I think they will look even better on me!!!
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^Why Am I Not Surprised That You Like Them...
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it's a New York thing.
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No it's not. Those are way to fucking big. Only people I see wearing glasses like that are females and flame-ons.
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I wear Oakleys exclusively (meaning I don't care about fashion when it comes to eye gear), but those are ok. If you adopt one of those Brooklyn Blowout/Jersey Shore haircuts, you'll be a flame...
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Maybe I'm missing something, but whats wrong with Oakley. I mean I don't wear them, but they suit alot of people.
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im passing on them.

to add, i don't think they are generally that large for sunglasses i just have a small fucking head.

I wear a size 7 1/8 fitted hat.
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7 1/8, wow that is nuts. Mines 7 3/4.
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