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Travel purse?

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Hi! I'm looking for a cute, small purse that can be worn across the body for my trip to Italy this summer. Anyone have any suggestions?

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prada messenger - they come in many sizes/style/colors and last forever. You can get a realy good deal on one on eBay
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Coach has some really cute mini purses you can wear across your chest, they run about $150 new though.
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I have yet to see something in that style that is remotely wearable. And you are going to Italy!

You may be better off with a regular bag. Check some of the European fashion blogs.
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Thanks! Yep, I normally don't like the crossbody a ton, but I keep seeing it recommended everywhere just for "security" during the crowded summer months, because of the pickpockets. We've never had a problem in Rome before, but we've always gone in Winter/Spring and keep reading that it's worse in summer.

I already have this little Prada nylon bag (but in ivory/light tan) that I wore last time. It fits snugly under my arm because it's tiny: Prada Small Nylon

But the little black messenger ones look ok to me, too: http://i.ebayimg.com/15/!BS9W6bg!2k~$(KGrHgoH-CEEjlLly3cCBKF42CY5Kw~~_1.JPG

I bought a cute little haiku one for like $30 a few weeks ago but have been having second thoughts about it: Haiku by Sharon Eisenhauer Grab Bag Hana by at Zappos.com

Think I need to look further, or am I set?

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That prada messenger is the smallest they make, you might want a tiny bit bigger. IMO the Haiku bag looks like something a little girl would have.

If you can get more pics of this one from the seller to help authenticate this one is a really good deal.

Prada Black Nylon Classic Messenger Bag - eBay (item 200344495052 end time May-27-09 17:57:13 PDT)
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Haha yeah I see what you mean. I do like the smallest Prada though - no need to carry much around town with me. Thanks!
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Then the flat style should be good. The one you are looking at is just really tiny.
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its ok - shouldn't pay over $75 for it.
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