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the best vintage Diesel cuts

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Just what the title says, what are your favorite vintage Diesel cuts + the washes that seal the deal. Ladies too!

I like:

Rabox 772, 770 (I know there are more !)

Farco 710, 82N

Birdie's handy Farco reference: http://www.honestforum.com/diesel-je...co-lovers.html

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Moorix 796
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I had a thing for:

fanker 796 and 793
rabox 772
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I have always loved my Reslim 761's made in both '02 and '03- I believe this is where the x-rotuck 796 pockets first showed up.

There was also a sweet pair of acid green over-dyed jeans with red and blue contrast stitching from the "Luxury of Dirt" campaign they did back in the late 90's that was super sweet, but I can't remember what wash or cut they were- lost them at college.
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Man, not a single Reslim turned up in Ebay.

I forgot about Lemmen, kind of a precursor to Timmen?
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Farco 82m, clerby 82l
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I'm surprised Moorix came up, and from vonW's current steez it's hard to imagine him wearing them. I just couldn't ever dig the external front pockets, for some resason I associate that with women's jeans.

Rabox seems slimmer than Reslim, is that about right?
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you guys are forgetting the washes...

I had a pair of Ravix back in the day, my only complaint is shape of the back and pockets... I preferred Zathan in that respect and that was it for me in those days.
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rabox 796 is still one of my favorites
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^^^Believe it or not I don't have one of those. If I ever come across a pair...
I wear my rabox 802 superstripe still.
I still like my Fanker 796, but the bootcut is big these days .
I do have zerox 796 and a few others, low rise button fly and a tapered leg with a looser seat.

The luxury of dirt campaign (1999) was a favourite of mine. Also the african campaign 2000? 2001? There is a wash called snow bleach, really pale denim with coated white resin. Sounds hideous, but actually kinda cool in a 90's way!
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Originally Posted by begret View Post
Also the african campaign 2000? 2001?
That was 2001 SS.

Rabox and Farco still have the power to sexually excite me.
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Zaf 70z.
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Originally Posted by Batman View Post
That was 2001 SS.

Rabox and Farco still have the power to sexually excite me.
holy sh*t... he's alive!
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Ya'll forgot about Zulu in c96 and 796
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Dardy and Zerox
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Fanker and the wildly overlooked RIOHMA esp if you can get the 796 RIOHMA they are hella nice. if you like rabox you should check them out...way better fit lower rise but still straight leg
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what else did RIOHMA come in? Ebay seller is gouging for 796, over 300 for big sizes
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do a search for Riohma i asked about washes before...alot available and some denim gallery stuff but 796 looks the best...

The Riohma on eBay is my father selling them....and they will sell that high. People who know what they are love them. They are amazing looking jeans. I think if you do a search I may even have pics of me wearing some of mine a while back and also different colors in the 796 that I had collected...one pair was washed alot and the other was brand new and really rusty. A great style that diesel should think about re-releasing some day.
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What about Bumix? I loved the back pockets and the yoke thru the crotch...
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eh...I think you have to like bumix alot to want those...not my thing but can be pulled off if you like that style and cut
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Riohma, Rabox and Farco seem to be the best vintage cuts. Bumix, Moorix, Zulu etc look pretty wack to me. I guess I was looking for cuts kinda similar to Viker, Zatiny and Safado, but I didn't say that.
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riohma rabox and farco are all fairly similar cuts to a viker...farco and riohma are straight leg low rise jeans and the rabox has a bit wider leg and longer rise...you can find alot of nice farco washes out there and some washes have zip shut pockets that are nice....riohma 796 is really the only wash that looks that great IMO....rabox again...alot of washes. 713 is nice. Fanker is a nice cut kinda like a tighter zathan with a longer rise....size up from your zathan size on them. also ziprio is nice with a wider leg than rabox for a loose boot cut and has that farco look but more relaxed...BUT good luck running accross them
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