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Cool boots?

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What are some cool boots these days? I like Doc Martens but my girlfriend thinks they are like 'out' and too nineties.

What are some good ones to consider? I like the sorta industrial look since I tend to wear a lot of Ben Davis and such.
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If you wear Ben Davis and Doc's.....I think you may be in the wrong forum. No hate Cholo.
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I did not realize this forum was only for elistists. You do realize Ben Davis is highly sought after in Japan, right? In fact it even inspired high fashion high dollar designers such as Neighborhood.
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mediahound the sky is the limit and this site has a lot of people showing a verity of boots.

It sounds like you might be ready to branch out in a new direction. I shop at Barneys for boots. They have a great selection and currently are having a pretty good sale.

Here are a few direct links to some of my favorite brands they carry.


http://www.barneys.com/Mens/MENS04,default,sc.html?prefn1=designer&prefv1=Butt ero

Fiorentini + Baker

http://www.barneys.com/Mens/MENS04,default,sc.html?prefn1=designer&prefv1=Fior entini%20%2b%20Baker

John Varvatos

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first: people were talking about boots in this thread
second: you're selling shitty crappy fakes
third: GTFO
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