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I ended up getting the Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald in Stone, same suit I posted originally - for 360 instead of 600 during the 40% off sale. I'm getting that tailored a bit and wearing it with a Zara shirt and some Frye Marco boots in walnut, no tie.

The Zara suits fit pretty nice, but the quality wasn't up to par. Also, the suit they had in a khaki / tan color had reinforced shoulders, like shoulder pads on the edges. Weak.

Express and BR were not as slim as I prefer (165 6'2), and JCrew didn't have anything close to the color I needed when I looked.

Hugo Boss had some good ones, but no sale so they were 800+ easy.

Zara is having a pretty badass sale right now, 39.99 pants that reminded me of a lightly fuller cut Safado in a cotton material. I got 3 LS button up shirts for 60 bucks also.

I'll need to get the jacket and pants tailored a bit, maybe 100 bucks or so there, but well worth it for the quality of the BB suit. I'll post a pic sometime in August.