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Evisu made in korea?

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I'll provide pictures if needed, but can evisu genes be made in korea? They feel pretty real to me, and its probably their lowest/entry level line, but i found a pair that wasnt gaudy/flashy/ugly and liked the feel/cut. Only after i realised its
made in korea. What do you guys think?

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i found a pair that wasnt gaudy/flashy/ugly and liked the feel/cut = probably not real haha j/k post some pics
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Hi wex,
it´s definitely a fake jeans, because Evisu don´t produce in Korea. Evisu don´t sell any Evisu clothes for the korean market. Yesterday i was in a Evisu Shop in Seoul I thought that was real because, everywhere was logos from Evisu and it was amazing cheap. I don´t something because I think it was be something wrong. Back to my Hostel I checked google first and then I saw it.

YouTube - Imitation Evisu Jeans by Korea 1/2

Best Regards

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It is not an authentic product of Evisu in Japan,
but you have authentic product of Evisu Korea.
The Evisu Korea, they abuse the Trademarks Law in Korea.
So they got the trademark "Evisu" in Korea.
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yeah... that cant be the authentice evisu brand from Japan... I just recently covered the relaunch of evisu because scott morrison on earnest sewn is now helming the brand. I am pretty sure they wouldnt outsource to korea. that kills all the credibility and selling point of the brand since they are a japanese raw denim brand...

The Re-Launch of Evisu
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