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fake Paper Denim & Cloths?

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http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...1574 653&rd=1

Though last I heard, papers were pretty safe from the counterfeiting market, and if the market were to be compromised, rippers would be pretty safe given the amount of work that would need to be put in to produce a quality replica.

HOWEVER, these don't look right to me. The back pocket rip on the auction paper looks a bit too big and too neat (machine-ripped?) to be genuine, as compared to the rip here: http://www.revolveclothing.com/images/PDC-MJ17_V6.jpg
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Re: fake Paper Denim & Cloths?

I hate to state the obvious, and by all means don't take this as the end-all-be-all decision, but maybe those pix were taken from pairs of jeans which are physically very different in size eg 29 waist versus 38 waist? I mean, the back pockets would be larger on a larger waistline and hence so would the hole?

This make no statement of authenticity or not. I don't own any rippers so I have no basis for judgement. All I can tell you is that denimkingdom sells them en masse and I am very wary of that guy due to having gotte two pairs of fake diesels from him in the past...
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Well, not all the rips on the back pocket are in the same size.


I'm pretty sure these two are Authentic.... But I believe that PD&C does not have any 32" inseam/length if the jeans is 32" and up in waist size.... Paperdenim will soon be like Seven, fakes are all over the place and it will screw those selling Authentic...
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